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Dear Diary...

Bear fruits

Posted by Rujizzle on May 5, 2011 at 9:40 PM

I'm feeling great now, because I just had a wonderful Bible study session with my friend's mom and two of my friends. The message was really refreshing and powerful. Over the past weeks, I've been working on building a stronger relationship with God and have decided to dedicate more time to the Lord in prayers, fellowship, and also learning more about the Word of God.


Today's Bible study focused on the message presented in John 15 and I have written some doodle below of my notes from the study. Please take some time and read the Word because the inclusion of God in our lives is very important.  This is a list of the things I gathered from the message this evening:

Spend time with the Lord, read the Bible and abide by the Word

Stay away from the ways of the world, and don't take pleasure in those things.

Have friends that share faith in the Lord.

Meditate in the Word and pray to the Lord.

Maintain friendship in the Lord.

Jesus died for our sins, so we must always remember that. God's only begotten child, Jesus died for us to have eternal life, we must take pride in that sacrifice and be vigilant of our actions.

Confess your sins and surrender your life to the Lord, because Jesus calls us and wants us to serve the Lord freely and with joy

Bear fruits of the Lord and grow as a Christian through fellowship, prayer, listening to worship songs, being knowledgeable in the Word, etc. This is because the Word is a weapon for the devil.

Love Christ and you will learn to love others. At all times, one must rejoice in the Lord. Persecutions will come your way, but love your enemies and leave it all to the Lord. Don't worry about those that bring you down, because remember that Jesus received persecutions too (John 15:20).

It's okay to be different, follow the direction of the Lord, and separate yourself from the wicked. Do not be on the broad road to hell but on the narrow road to Heaven; reward in Heaven will be great and worth it.

Everyone that is a believer has the Holy Spirit, therefore we must live in the spirit and walk by the spirit; be aware of the fruit of the Spirit and live by it as Christians. The fruit of the spirit is listed in Galatians 5:22.

As Christians, we must always remember to walk in purity and holiness.


P.S.: I can't write in detail at the moment because final exams start tomorrow and I've got an exam in the morning. As much as I'd like to say more, it's now time to hit the books. However, I had to share this message with you all, and dedicate time to the Lord.


Remain blessed :)

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