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Posted by Rujizzle on March 13, 2011 at 6:20 PM

I was listening to this preaching on Marriage, Ministry and Mistakes by Pastor Mark Driscoll and the sermon was good and I really enjoyed it. However, there were just certain things that Pastor Driscoll said that I found to be disturbing which also correlates with some of my struggles of being a Christian and a feminist. I absolutely love the Lord and teachings of the Bible, but in certain scriptures I get very annoyed by the role of women that the Bible tells women to assume. 

Pastor Driscoll constantly mentions in his sermon that women need to be helpers, be submissive and that the men are the head. I haven't thoroughly studied the Holy Bible but there are certain scriptures that emphasize on how men and women become one after marriage, but it sounds so contradictory to me when in other scriptures it says that men are the head. If one person has authority over the other, there is no "one" in that at all but automatically creates a hierarchy for the family. I was also bothered by the fact that him and his wife emphasized that the woman must be submissive to her husband and not considering that both sides need be committed to the welfare, respect and joy of each other.

In his sermon you can tell that he is constantly stressing that the woman is the helper not enabler because he is aware that certain women will frown upon what he is saying. He stresses that the woman must help the husband when problems arise but in the end the man must be in charge. According to, "An a person who through his or her actions allows someone else to achieve something." Yes, there's a difference between being a helper and an enabler but what all this sums up to is support the man in his endeavors and neglecting the endeavors of the woman.

In addition, I came to realize how the man/minister is the subject and the woman is the object. The sermon just seemed so husband-centric to me. This could be because he is a man and he is using himself as the minister in these scenarios but he does not make his sermon relevant to women ministers and their roles as wives and roles of their husbands. For instance, it's about how the man must lead and the woman is there to support him while he leads and also take care of the children. Which obviously reinforced the 1950s idea of women's role in the United States. As people that become one through the sanctity of marriage, I would assume that both will be subjects and there will be equal expectations for both parties in the management of the home.

In a question that was asked to the wife about balancing a professional career, a home and supporting the husband, she blatantly states that a woman cannot do that. So I assume that she is saying that a woman cannot do it all but must choose either family or career. Honestly, I wish she would've gotten more in-depth with her response but she didn't. With her sharp response, I know that she basis it on her opinion and it's not absolute truth because there are women that have done, are doing and will do it all.

When he was joined on stage later by his wife to discuss their mistakes in their relationship, she said something that definitely had a tone of selflessness and more focused on the husband's and God's approval. In all things, I know that one must consult God; second, it is important to communicate with one's partner. However, I viewed the tone of her statement that she cannot as a wife make definite decisions on her own, whereby it's not vice versa with the husband. I could be misunderstanding what she said and possibly over-analyzing it, but that's just what I got from it.

Being a Christian is one of the greatest things in my life, however, it becomes a dilemma for me certain times when it interferes with my values as a feminist. I believe that both people in a marriage or whatever relationship it is must work together in all situations and hierarchy-free. Yes, I do understand that there will be certain times whereby one person will be more knowledgeable about the situation but that does not mean that person has overall authority over all things. 

Watch the video for yourself, you may agree or disagree with me. Feel free to share your opinion with me.

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