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Dear Diary...

Label me!

Posted by Rujizzle on March 24, 2012 at 9:15 PM

A conversation I've had a few times with friends and acquaintances is how I can get more audience with this website and my social networks to read my posts on advice and life adventures. My regular response is that it does not matter and whoever the message must be conveyed to, will get it at some point. Yes, I know I could put more work into getting the word out there with a few tricks, but I believe that when one needs knowledge, they must seek it.

My initial goal of writing these entries was never to have a following but to share what goes on in my head and my opinion on life matters with anyone who cares to read. After sharing my posts with people on Facebook and other mediums, I was more than humble to see that people read my stuff and liked it, it was very awesome to get feedbacks as well. Yes, a part of me would love to have a great following that will read my entries, learn from it, share it, and create dialogues about it. However, I am also knowledgeable about the fact that whatever one puts online will always stay online. So this website may not have traffic now, but these posts can always remain a reference point for people tomorrow and sometime in the future.


The usual recommendation I get is that I should find a label for the things I do online, and must find a label for my work. For instance, I could primarily cater to one subject that I'm "good" at, and only discuss that topic on my social networks; examples of this are: websites that primarily discuss all things engineering, natural hair, education, fashion, politics, etc. I've given it a thought but then again I know what I'm capable of, and staying in a box isn't one of them. In a past entry, I spoke of being a Jackie of all trades, and I haven't changed at all.


My mind is not one-dimensional to only discuss certain issues; I see that as limiting myself. I respect and do enjoy websites that have a primary focus/theme, but that's not my intention for my social networks because I am a well-rounded person. Of course, when you read my "Dear Diary..." entries, you will notice certain themes and recurring messages, such as girls'/women's issues, education, dance, U.S. socio-economic issues, Africa, health, etc.; however, these recurring themes are as a result of the things I'm passionate about.


All my life, I've been blessed with doing it all with the support of my God, hard work, family, and friends, and it won't be any different when it comes to social networking. I cannot limit myself, especially in this day and age that opportunities are endless. No, I am not scatter-brained; I'm attentive when necessary and can focus on one thing at a time. For example, my platform with my philanthropy is to empower and promote self-sufficiency to girls and women, and since November 2010 I've stuck to that mission. By having a theme, I see it as a way of limiting myself. Yes, there's a possibility I could have a themed medium in the future, such as a website dedicated to mining engineering or something else, but for now I love the way things are and how I socialize online.


I know the advice comes from a good place, and I do believe in the power of publicity and outreach. Of course I will continue to share my posts and videos to everyone. But, I will not crave attention and audience traffic to an extent of losing the essence and goals of creating these social networks. If I'm meant to have a large following, it will happen at the right time. For now, I'll keep going at my own pace and catering to those that do get something from my post and seek for more. I'll even admit, I go back sometimes to year-old posts and read them, and I get amazed at what I wrote or refresh my memory on past adventures; these posts are also my way of preserving my memories and not just to share with the world.


So to those that care about the welfare of my website and how I can get more traffic, thanks but no thanks. I'm content with the various themes of my networks and I appreciate those that read and care about what I write. Personally, I see it as advantageous because one gets a dose of many things when they read my posts. I clearly state in the homepage that the purpose of this website is to entertain and educate, and that applies to all mediums operated under Rujizzle; to translate, you get everything (no topics are untouchable) with this package. I think what's more important is you sharing them and starting/continuing that conversation with others. I will continue talking about what I already do and won't change that to please others, but stay humble to my platform in life.


P.S.: I appreciate you for reading this. Thank you, I am grateful for your time!

"Dance Pe Chance" from the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

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