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Start seeing...GREEN!

Posted by Rujizzle on March 10, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Three months ago, I watched a live Youtube stream for World AIDS Day 2011, sponsored by One Campaign. During one of the panel discussions with advocates for this day, Bono (U2 singer) mentioned that Africa has a bright future, and we should ask countries like China about this, because they see it and that is why they are going there more than ever now. Although I do not remember who said it but another panelist called Africa the richest continent, and we need to make it healthy (with regards to HIV/AIDS). The panelist stated that we need to raise awareness on this epidemic and have better habits.


The words of these panelists really sunk in to me. Personally, I find it disappointing that others see Africa's worth, yet Africa does not see its future and sells its soul for chicken change in certain circumstances (my opinion). For instance, a couple of months ago, I read some news about African leaders speaking against LGBTQ rights in their native countries and will not let the West dictate to them about it. LGBTQ rights and Africa's resources are very different issues, but I find it interesting that when it comes to LGBTQ rights the leaders are speaking out and speaking up loudly about going against Western influence and maintaining African ethics, but when it comes to outside nations investing in our (Africa's) resources for the benefit of its people, they get lenient. I support business transactions, because it's great for the economy and betterment of both parties. However, I do not support any unfair transaction that involves one person as the loser, especially when it's the one with the natural resources.


I am not a business major, and the most knowledge I have about business and finance is taking a statistics class in college, BUT I do have the common sense to know that one cannot sell a mansion for the price of an ordinary chewing gum. It also makes no sense that one will agreeably sell this mansion just for the sake of inferiority and seeing the buyer as their superior based on their race/class/sex. In addition, it makes no sense that the seller has sold a mansion but will return back to their underprivileged neighborhood and struggling family.


We need to start thinking about the establishment of Africa when it involves transactions of any form with outside nations and corporations. We must acknowledge our self-worth and deal with foreign affairs with respect to the betterment of our nations; that's what most of the outside nations are already doing. God had a reason for blessing Africa with so many natural resources, and we as a continent must start counting our blessings. For those of us studying/living outside the continent and are knowledgeable about it, we must make it our duty to give back and invest back in our nations. We need to invest in the education of our girls and boys, infrastructure, economy, etc.


Yes, this entry talks a lot about money and being better business women and men, but we must never get greedy. We must still maintain our humble morals and values, and remember the essence of community.  


P.S.: I know we were raised with some simple recycling principles when growing up, but I believe that we need to implement more "greener" lifestyles in our communities. We need to "Go Green" for our health and our children's future. We cannot destroy our beautiful continent, and put more efforts in recycling, keeping our streets clean, and take our health and fitness seriously.


In conclusion, we need to start thinking green (money) for the betterment of our communities, and go green (environmentally-conscious).

Here's a video of Youtuber analyzing the #StopKony2012 campaign from different perspectives.

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Need more information about this Campaign, visit here.

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